Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford your services?

Yes! Most civil rights laws include fee-shifting provisions, meaning that, if a plaintiff prevails, the defendant must pay the reasonable hourly rates of the plaintiff's attorney. This allows civil rights attorneys like Matt more flexibility to represent clients who do not have the ability to pay large legal bills. Matt is able to tailor fee arrangements to his clients' financial situations. The bottom line: Don't let concerns about how to pay for representation stop you from reaching out to Matt.

Does hiring a lawyer mean that I actually have to file a lawsuit?

No. Not every person involved in a dispute wants to publicly file a lawsuit. Even if you are not eager to file suit, that does not mean you should hesitate to seek legal representation. Matt has counseled many clients through pre-filing negotiations and achieved settlements for clients who never actually had to go to court.

How can I contact you?

Contact Matt at or (312) 248-9123 to schedule a free consultation. Please note that contacting Matt via phone or email does not itself establish an attorney-client relationship.